From Sun Room to Boot Room


It's done!! After almost a year of evenings and weekends the sun room to boot room/pantry transformation is now complete, both inside and outside. Well the outside needs a coat of paint but with winter approaching I don't think it will get that coat of paint until March 2013.


This is the floor plan of the kitchen/sun room when we first bought the house.

1. downstairs toilet 2. kitchen 3. sun room

The first impractical thing about this layout was that we had to go outside to enter the toilet. In 1896 toilets were not important to have in ones home, neither did bathrooms. The second thing was the sun room and the lack of space to storage the hoover, buckets, stock etc. Also the sun room was quite hideous in shape and didn't go with the architecture of the house as it was a seventies add-on.

We initially renovated and decorated the whole lot to our standards but we soon came to know that this wasn't working. The massive windows in the sun room were single glazed so in winter days one would freeze their socks off being in that room and as we opened the door leading from the kitchen to the sun room with an archway, the kitchen was just one large freezer during the winter.

Conclusion; we had to start over and postpone the rest of the house.


This is the current floor plan.

1. downstairs toilet with blocked up out-door and newly opened in-door 2. kitchen with new counters, island and archway leading to the boot room/pantry 3. boot room, pantry on the right, doors straight into the garden via a 4. porch where we take our boots off and enter the kitchen with clean shoes YAY!


There will be plain white Novilon on the floor in a couple of weeks as there's no underfloor heating and the Novilon will let us walk on our socks.

I bought the poster at The Hambledon. You can read about the vegetable rack here.


We used the same IKEA cupboards as in the kitchen and recycled and painted the old doors. They store coats, vases, cleaning supplies, the hoover and an IKEA build-in pantry. I bought the magazine holder at an office supply store in The Netherlands but you can buy them on and and in The Netherlands right here.


I love this window overlooking my laurel hedge and right off the terrace so we can pass food through that window in the summer when we eat outside.

I bought the jug at IKEA, the calendar is by Claudia Pearson and I bought the beautiful Figgo Love Poster from Linnosaurus in her Etsy Shop.


Oh and this lamp, THIS LAMP!! I got it from the beautiful Sandra from Accessorize Your Home many moons ago and never found the right place for it. But now it has found it's destination in the boot room and it's just lovely. All of the items Sandra sells in her shop are just lovely. This jug is on my wishlist, this pudding mould is oh and this cake stand!!! Sandra also ships internationally, good for us!!!


As all the doors and windows are now new and double glazed this part of the house has become so inviting and warm, I can't wait to cover it in Christmas decorations. It was worth all the extra time, money and other rooms in the house waiting to be completed.

Next time I'll show you the outside.