Signs of Autumn


The light in my home is darker and harder.

The kitchen island is back in it's old spot as I've missed it so much.

A big Toast basket is filled with fresh bread and vegetables.


I should really put these summer hats in storage but they are too pretty, I can't part just yet.


I'm piling again; magazines, cushions, blankets and logs ... plus the odd hedgehog.


I'm composting and feeding the chicken at the same time. You know chicken are great for composting as they speed up to progress so so much, it's unbelievable. I'm going to expand the chicken coop in spring and put my greenhouse in the coop and two compost heaps, man alive will I never have to buy compost again.


We are wearing hoodies and scarves again. Boris and I never wear coats as we both find them extremely uncomfortable and we can't move freely. We wear hoodies and cardigans  instead in many colours and patterns. The dotted one is from Boden as is the Fair Isle scarf, I initially bought the scarf for myself but now Boris is wearing it. I've made the crochet scarf last year of the acrylic yarn I sell in my shop. It's washed many - o - time and it's still super snuggly for an acrylic. Boris his shoes never look that new as those in the photo.

They normally look like this:


On a good day ...