A Wee Outing


I can not even start to count how many times I want to thank you guys for the amazingly heartfelt comments you left on my previous post. Bo and I sat crying on the sofa reading through them, it really touched us both as it's the life we live and to know that there are so many people out there  who applaud our way of living and who like, and strive, to live the same life ... gooooosh it overwhelms me with energy and hope.

A million thank yous.


Before I go back to regular blogging, at last!!! I have to share these photographs I took at my second home, Piet Hein Eek's place in Eindhoven The Netherlands, yesterday.

I had a little lunch, chat and walk about with a few of my blogfriends. Although it was packed with people for the Dutch Design Week, we managed to create our own little island with some soup and  planks filled with beautiful cheeses and meat.


I can Highly recommend you pay a visit next time you are in The Netherlands. Don't just travel to Amsterdam as Amsterdam doesn't really reflect The Netherlands, it's just another European capital. Travel south instead, explore  's-Hertogenbosch, Breda, Eindhoven and most definitely Maastricht. It will tell you so much  more about the Dutch and the Dutch way of living. Southern Dutch people are lovers of the good life, quality goods, fine food and most of all they are very welcoming. Ha, guess who's from the south!

I love you all so much and can't wait to share with you again.