A Sweet Diet


It's been almost a year and a half  since I've started my much needed diet. I didn't diet to become pretty I did my diet to become healthy, or rather stay healthy. After the scary blood disease I had in 2010 I became heavier and heavier. The 6 months I spent in hospital doing absolutely nothing but eating chocolates and watching an Australian TV show about mermaids around dinner time where my highlights of the day. Hospital food and chocolates where my highlights, it was a sad time.

I first started to loose the difficult kilos by doing the Cambridge diet with much success. After that I went on to no carbs, another success. And now with minus 45 kilo (quite embarrassing but no lies here, it's my platform) I'm almost back to my old weight. Almost that is. It's harder now and I need to move on to exercise ... exercise, I kind of cringe by the word alone. Exercise, exorcism, execution ... all the same category to me.

So I joined a gym. I didn't know that gyms smell of sweaty people. I can't stand the smell so I tried to go at times when the gym was empty, during lunchtime and would watch 'Homes Under the Hammer' while I cycled. I felt so lonely and pathetic on that equipment, so I gave up. I've replaced the smelly gym  with nature and started walking and cycling outdoors. It's cheaper, environmentally friendly, healthier and much more inspiring.

I'm not dropping kilos like a manic like I did before but I do feel more content.

I always thought it was the bread, savoury things and the pasta I'd miss doing a diet but I came to know that I miss sweets. Jelly Beans, HARIBO Gummy bears, Piña Colada cocktails, ICE CREAM and anything else that contains a lot of E numbers.


Banning them out doesn't work for me as I'll dream about all of the above mentioned and wake up in the middle of the night yearning it. One thing I've learned is that you should never withhold yourself from eating something you really want as you'll eat it in the end and eat more of it. You'll have that mini Magnum you've wanted all day and swallow it whole. You'll need another one because of the greediness you didn't get to experience the taste. And once you're at it you might as well have a third one.

I've put myself on a ration by half filling  Mason jars with two of my favourite sweets. I'll have to do 2 weeks with half a jar each. It works, I've lost 45 kilos so far and still eating sweets.

Please feel free to share your diet tips or great exercise routines I could do at home.