The Yvestown Fair Gifts


Boy have I been spoiled rotten by the fair ladies.

Erika form mikodesign made this custom  doll for me complete with apron, stars shawl, flowers and yarn. It made me blush so pretty and thoughtful this is, a true keepsake!!


The Gifts:

  1. A collection of postcards form All The Luck in the World.
  2. DIY Pom-Poms garland from byPetra - oh Christmas I see ye hanging in the tree.
  3. Letter Y from All The Luck in The World - for my Y collection.
  4. Cow necklace from Planet Fur - I already have this planned for an upcoming "dull" party. Ordered some meadow with yellow daisies fabric to make a skirt to go with it, I'm going to be a riot between all the black clothed people! Who made black chic?
  5. A Villa Augustus Book - partially funded by Ingrid.
  6. Plastic Peaces from Zilverblauw.
  7. Friendship bracelet from Petra.
  8. A Yvestown Flower stamp from MaandagDaandag.

Eline was so thoughtful to give me her book and diary. You can read her beautiful report of the day here.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!