The Yvestown Fair 2012 - Part One


What a day, the sky was so clear one could see the moon, the sun was shining bright, the people were good spirited and we had a LOT of wonderful people attending the very first Yvestown Fair.


I really didn't know what to expect or how many people would turn up so I baked 4 cakes and filled a dozen of cups with sweets. In just one hour we were out of everything so Philomeen and Bo had to do a shop. As it was a handmade market I didn't believe in supermarket cake so we were out of food for the rest of the day. We definitely need a catering next year, as there will be a next time!


For the first length of the fair I didn't get to witness it very well as I had a camera crew following me, asking me questions and wanting me to show my home. I have to say that that part of the day was quite stressful for me and that I didn't really enjoy it. It was selling yarn, answering yarn questions (twice as the camera women missed it), instructing people to water and feed people, welcoming friends, family and long time blog readers ... Fortunately I had Caroline, Philomeen, Wendel and Iris to take over and they did marvellously so. Thank you ladies for being so quick on your feet that day.

So many people have already blogged about it, here a few links to beautiful reports:

I only had time to take pictures after 16:00, when things slowed down a bit at the fair.


Joscha and Daan sat together as they had their kids to look after. Maantje, Elvis and Lola were absolute rock stars!


MUSwerk - MaandagDaandag

I didn't do much decorating as I wanted to keep things simple. I knew once all the women filled their tables it would be super decorated. I've only created a bunch of hangout place for guests, they sure did take advantage of those places as we had people hanging out almost all day soaking up the homely atmosphere.


Of course there were family and friends present too.




I'm still figuring out how I can get all the Instagram #yvestownfair images on my blog, but for now you'll have to click here to see it for yourself.


Eline Pellinkhof

Pregnant Nina came with her sister, Olga, for the day so she could help her out a bit.



It was so lovely to see familiar faces popping up here and there and to have fun chats with everyone.


I love this woman's style so much. They have been blog readers for so long now. This was the second time they came to something I've organized. The necklace was made by Marloes form Planet Fur who's table is not showing up in my camera. Keep an eye out for her Etsy shop as I know that there are necklaces left, I have one with a cow.


All The Luck in The World

Jane is opening shop with her daughter, Nina (right) in Amsterdam soon. I'm really excited to see what they are going to do with it.




You might want to check out the Yvestown Fair Flickr group - boy, I keep you guys busy.



I was so happy with my very own apron as I could put my iPhone and change in that big pocket. The strings were super long so that everyone could style the apron in their own fashion.


Gorgeous women.

Most of the women I've met before, at events or meetings, and some I just know from the internet and e-mail, Instagram and Twitter contact. Only Rozalinde we all didn't know as when Ingrid from Ingthings pulled out I wanted to fill her spot and I love Rozalinda's work. She fitted in perfectly and it's such a pleasure to get to know her.



Two things I came to know about myself after the fair;

  • One - that I love the home where I live in now and that I wish to stay here, this is actually quite a big thing for me as I'm a mover. Ever since my 17th year I've moved around the world constantly always knowing when I settled in some place new, that I'd leave that place again. I've been always planning to leave and never to stay. This weekend I loved my home so much and was so grateful to her for letting me host this gorgeous day. That I saw that strangers were enjoying her too and feeling comfortable and in ease on my grounds. So I'll stay ... for now that is;)
  • Two - that I want to organize not just a fair next year but a Yvestown Festival, I know a friend who owns a field.

My own table.

There's a market sale in The Shop for the entire month 20% off on all online orders!

To be continued ...