In The Meantime


This is the back of my home. With dodgy main roof, as we didn't make it this summer, but slick new kitchen  roof and a brand spanking new facade. We are in the middle of adding all the wood paneling to what is black now but I want to show you what I am up to right now, so I'll leave the after images for another day.


This is the back of my home in February 2010. Boy did we hated that facade when we first bought the house. What seemed to be a good plan to the previous owners back in 1974 didn't seem such a good plan to us. We tried to fix that "Swedish hot tub" up by painting it and decorating it but it remained the most ugliest facade in the land. So we got rid of it to everyone's disgust and unbelief, as we quite spent some money on it fixing it up. We have a square house and the lines of the round sun room fell out of harmony with the architecture. Oh and try to decorate a round room! So much wasted space. Now we have a "second kitchen" and it's perfect as we can walk straight into the garden on a deck! I love a good deck.


The other good thing is that we can bring food out really quickly and feed hungry people like this bunch a weekend ago at The Yvestown Fair.