50 Years Together


Last Saturday my parents in law celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. It's so impressive to be committed to one person for such a long time and take all their good and bad things for granted. I can't imagine what it feels like to be married to someone for 50 years. I've been married for 13 years  and already find that a massive achievement as I'm  quickly bored of someone and left  quite a few boyfriends broken-hearted. I also dislike commitment and rather be free as a bird to go and do whenever and whatever I'm pleased. The main reason I don't have children.

Bo really doesn't bother about this in my character and that must be the reason why we are still together. He doesn't mind that I'm in a different country away from him 9 months of the year. He doesn't mind that I rather not have him text me all day wondering about my whereabouts. He doesn't mind my plans to move yet to another home in another country. He basically doesn't mind my independence and for that I love him. I also think that absence in our relationship makes the heart grow fonder as we hardly see each other during the week. We always have loads of stuff to tell each other, we never get those couples that are silence in restaurants - what's up with those people? If we were together in the same time-frame and routine each and every day we would end up like one of those couples. Oh never will I become one of those couples.

Our relationship also works as we are both not jealous people. Last week I went to a play and was so intimidated by the appearance of the main character that I was too shy (something that's alien to me) to walk over to him, when I saw him in the bar afterwards, and tell him that I thought he was brilliant. I  fell a little bit in love with him and told Bo this when I got home. I love that I can tell these things to my husband as he's also my best friend.

I'm lucky. I might keep him for 50 years.

It must be the same for my parents in law as they still seem to be crazy about one another after all those years.

Despite my love/hate relation with the colour purple, I loved that they picked purple and was really chuffed to see my father in law wearing the Liberty tie I bought for his birthday last June.

I was not in charge of the photography as I'm crap at shooting pictures of people and because I wanted to celebrate and not be behind the camera all day. I did however took some shots with my 50 mm here and there, as one does.

What do you think makes a marriage last for 50 years?