Ultimate Chaos


It's raining cats and dogs (yay for the garden) so I'm in my basement studio sewing and painting chalkboards for the upcoming fair.

The basement has exploded and I think I've never ever made such a mess in my whole life.


At one point I just tipped a whole rubbish bag upside down and left it like this for an entire two days, 2 DAYS!! It's gone now ... phew.

Yarn orders, sewing and painting. In the meantime the pile of bills that are over-due and admin that needs to be put away is growing as I don't find time to work 3 jobs.


Bo has been helping out this weekend doing the odd job like painting these chalkboards. How cute are those?

I'm off again ironing 12 aprons, dusting yarn cupboards, laundry loading and paying bills!!

More tomorrow xox