The Yvestown Fair Apron


One of the advantages of being married to a  man who doesn't care much about "being a man" is that I get to dress him up so now and then. I really like him to put on silly jackets in department stores so that I can publicly laugh at him, and he does. One time he went to work with bright yellow nail polish on all of his fingernails as I wanted to experiment and we both forget to take it off.

Although most of the time I nag at him (why do we women do this?) I really shouldn't nag at him as I could dress him up in a pink tutu and he'll wear it to the supermarket to buy me jelly beans anytime. Bless him ...

Let's talk apron instead.

You are not a market sales woman without a cute apron so I've made all the fair woman an apron. I used plain white sheet cotton, pink gingham and  transfer paper to iron on the fair's logo.