How To Make Bunting


Those in central Europe did you survive the weekend heath? I've been soaked in my own sweat for the entire two days and hated it. So I went downstairs, where my studio is and where the temperature is a constant lovely 15C, and started sewing for the upcoming Yvestown Fair.

I did a couple of meters of bunting to start with because a fair is not a fair without bunting.

Let me tell you how I do it.

Download the template and follow the instructions.

Next you want to prepare the bias tape:


After you've done your lengths of bias tape and your flag making you'll have to attach the two together and make the bunting. Now I'm not a pinner, I actually avoid as much pinning as one can avoid pinning. This is how I do it and saves me a lot of wasted pinning time.


Get your gear in action, flags and bias tape. Make a pile of the flags you'd like to use, pick off top.


Start with about 20 cm of stitched empty bias tape for fastening.

1. After 20 cm you'll have to start to sew on your first flag. Do this by tugging the flag in the folded bias tape, stitch just the top bit so it's secure.

2. Wiggle and tuck until the flag is perfectly lined with the bias tape.

3. Sew along.

4. Now you want to leave some space between the flags and trust me just play by eye as you will not see this when the bunting is complete. I go for approximate 7 cm between each flag.


The fabric is an old stash of fat quarters I bought from The Fat Quarter Shop ages ago.

Watch the tutorial and don't let those fast moving fingers scare you off, it's easy peasy!

Music credits: The Camping Store by John Renbourn and Clive Carroll (OMPS Driving Lessons 2007)

Stay tuned for more 'how to for The Yvestown Fair' posts.

I hope you still enjoy this site as comments are scarcely in absent and I miss them.