Grouping with Pots & Plants


Hello, happy Monday!

I had this empty spot on top of one of the dining room cabinets that needed to be filled.

How to do this:

- Try to find pots, planters and vases in the same colour but in different heights and shapes.

- Build down, starting with higher items in the back and lower items at the front.


1. The famous IKEA Jonsberg vase by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is still my all time favourite vase design. I do not like the other colours as they are too IKEA too my taste. 2. I found this vase at a local florist in my old hometown. I stuck a fake hydrangea in it as I love bleu/green/white and wood together and I don't want to bother sticking a fresh flower in that vase constantly. 3. I found this Piet Hein Eek look-a-like vase at Loods5 in Sliedrecht for just €12.50 instead of €999.99 (honestly) I don't like look-a-likes or replicas but this was just too cute a deal. I've stuck it a bit towards the back instead. 4 & 6. I bought these pots at the local garden center and filled them with Japanese good luck plants to add constant green. I purposely didn't put them together as there would be too ample green  to the left. 5. I bought this dish ages ago on Etsy, there's nothing in it, it's just super cute to look at.


This is the result!