Fridge Stuff and Magnets


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on the previous post. Comments rule, they feel like a warm blanket and it nice to get feedback.

This is my fridge and the stuff on my fridge. Only nice stuff makes it to this side of the fridge. So when I was asked by Picpack if I would be interested in some Instagramphotos turned in to magnets I said; "yes, please". One never knows if something like that is good but it is, they are fabulous.


Do you spot those fresh eggs by my super cute hens in that basket turned into a magnet?

I'm also in love with those cards. The tea one was a card I got with The Surf Cafe Cookbook, the top one is my friend Kathleen's wedding picture, the Nathalie Lete card I got from my friend Ingrid and the London bus card I sent to Bo the last time I was in London. I bought the pink, betonscherepapier, concrete magnets at the DaWanda Market in Amsterdam a weekend ago.


But back to the Picpack magnets. That picture of the most yummy cupcake I ever ate was shot at Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden last June and now it's a magnet on my fridge to remember that glorious day!!

Get your own instagram magnets here.