Villa Bloemenhof - my sister's home and restaurant


Did you know that I have a pretty awesome sister with a pretty awesome home and restaurant tucked away in the southern part of The Netherlands where we grew up? If you didn't know, you know now.

My only sister, Anne-Marie, and her husband, Harry, are the owners of Villa Bloemenhof (villa flower garden, cute right?) set in a small village in an old house that they have dived up in living and working. Dining in their restaurant, where Harry is the chef and my sister the hostess, feels like dining at home as they have converted the ground flour into a restaurant. What used to be the garage is now a kitchen, what use to be the kitchen are now the lavatories and the en suit rooms and conservatory are now all restaurant. In summer one can also eat in the walled garden. It's pretty exceptional and the food is divine.


Yesterday we had something to celebrate as my mother and her best friend, known as my auntie J. on instagram, are friends for 51 years. I didn't want to pass that on as something that is normal as it is not. It's pretty impressive to be married to someone for 51 years but I find it more impressive to be friends with someone for 51 years as there's quite a fine line in loving someone and liking someone. In a 51 year marriage you can just love that person but not like that person but in a friendship you do both.

We all got together at my sister's restaurant, My mum, my auntie Janneke and her  son, Willem.


A quaint celebration of friendship in a beautiful setting, with good food and company. Don't you think my sister totally reflects her interior?


My mum and auntie J ooh-ing over their food. My mother was having a dish that is called after, and inspired, by my grandmother who turned 95 last June. My sister travelled  to Suriname to celebrate our grandmother's remarkable age and took home typical Surinamese spices and ingredients and Harry made a beautiful dish out of that. I love how the fusion of different ethnics reflects their food, it's beautiful.

I felt so chuffed last night when Bo and I drove home how blessed I am with such amazing mothers and  family. Although the women bitch about us, some times as mothers do, I think they may be pretty pleased with their offspring. We are all making beautiful things and we try to inspire people, Bo does, Willem does, Anne-Marie does and hopefully I do.


In spring I shot the interior photos of my sister's home and restaurant. Here a few glimpses of her amazing loft.