Hello WordPress


Bloody hell I did it over the weekend, I've moved the whole lot over to WordPress.

I used to be scared of WordPress as I didn't understood php but now I do and I feel so happy as WordPress makes my life so much brighter. I used to work with MovableType which is quite hardcore publishing and leaves a blogger and "amateur" coder quite in the dark. So my move is good, I feel good ... comments are all gone though as I also moved server and they were faster than yours truly. But I managed to import all the old post.

I love code, it's poetry. For the same reason I like crochet and knitting patterns as I feel I'm part of a group of people who can crack that code. For an exercise in one of my crochet classes I gave my students a mystery project, they were only given a pattern and had to crochet without knowing what they were making. At the end of the class they were all holding a flower. How awesome is that?

I'm going to play around with WordPress and slowly I'll be adding recipe pages from the old blog and such. So keep an eye out as there's so much plugin in to do for me - whhhhhaaa!!

On a more technical note, my feed has changed so you'll have to update that by clicking on the feed button on this site or directly in your browser.