A Royal Party


Tomorrow Queen Elizabeth will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Can you believe it, 60 years in the same job? It's quite impressive ...

Although I am not British, I do feel a bit British. I've spent a great deal of my life living and doing things in England. I went to a very British college, I went leafleting and  voted for the Labor party in 1997, I had my very first smear test in England (I so clearly remember opening that letter and telling to the people I lived with "they find me bloody everywhere"), I had my heart brutally broken for the first (and last) time when I lived in England and I've had my first cleaning up a carpet after  throwing up a chilli con carne with red wine mixture in a friend's loo - why is there carpet in bathrooms England?

I travel almost monthly to the UK and I'm quite sad that in 2 weeks it will be the last for a while as I want to avoid the Olympics. I might still go back to Oxford to visit my surrogate family as they haven't seen me for a while. I love the UK and one day  I'll move back and grow old there.

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, yes I'm a Royalty supporter and trustworthy fan, I've baked a Victorian Sponge Cake or today an 'Elizabethan Sponge Cake'.

As I'm still on quite a strict diet, I've tried to make this classic cake a bit thinner but I failed as the cakes turned out a bit wobbly. They did however taste delicious so I'm pleased and didn't bother to hide my wobbly cakes as the flags are pretty awesome. I love a good old Union Jack.

You can download the flags (in pastel) here.


Cut them out, fold and glue them on to twine.


You can find good sponge cake recipes over at Jamie Oliver and Primrose Bakery. I've mixed my butter cream with strawberry jam and stuffed loads of real strawberries between to two layers on top of the butter cream, it's gorgeous and not too thick.

Have a wonderful weekend xox