44 Summers Old


Bo turned 44 today and the man wanted cake but couldn't decide what specific kind of cake so I've made him 4 different kind of cupcakes. It took me a good day and now I can feed a village. I've been feeding cupcakes to at least 14 people over the past few days.

We are not big on birthday bashes as we are quite big on random day bashes, but we do like to get together with the people we most love over numerous days. On Sunday we had a birthday dinner with our friends, Roel and Ruud and tomorrow my mum will be here - from Suriname, via Uganda and through Amsterdam - she's 74 bless her heart for still being that adventurous. We mostly have about one dinner in and two dinners out and so the birthday lasts a whole week. It's so much better than getting a bunch of the same old people in a room and listen to the same old stories you've heard a lot of birthdays before.


For the Sunday dinner I served the men calzones with a bean salad and cupcakes for dessert, obviously.


And the festivities will continue as we'll have BBQ weather this weekend and BBQ people coming over, although I'm not sure if they know it is the Bo's birthday.