100% Dining Room


pendant - red chair - plates - table is made by Bo and the rest is all vintage

This room has been so many rooms as it's quite a useless room. It used to be the old brewer's office when the house was build in 1896. Now it has been my study (too large and too light) and it has been Bo's study (too large). Although all the previous functions, there has always been a dining table in this room. We always  sit and eat in this room when there are lots of people in the house. We have eaten quite a few Christmas dinners in this room and we had quite a few breakfasts in this room. Oddly enough we have never acknowledged the room as the 'dining room'. As the kitchen is in the back of the house, quite a long walk (according to Bo) away from the kitchen, it's an unusual room to have as a dining room.

Right before Easter I went upstairs to the storage room and unpacked all the boxes labelled  china and board games and I went for it. I acknowledged the room as the formal dining room and Bo will have to live with the extra mileage he'll have to do between the kitchen and dining room. It will burn fat and it will keep us fit.


wallpaper - stool - lanterns - print - candle holders

All the mismatched china is in the pine cupboard I found online for just €50 and all my pretty china is in the  cabinet that I have painted dusty pink - S 1010-Y90R.


I used Slipper Satin by Farrow&Ball for the walls as it matches the wallpaper colour. And for the doors, floors and ceiling I used All White by Farrow&Ball.


bird vase - bird prints - milk jug

All the musical instruments are in this room too and they've already proven successful as Bo's dad played the piano while the rest of us ate our pudding last Easter. I was initially not sure about the black of the piano as I'm not a lover of the coulour black. I was thinking about painting it but pianos are black, brown or white and this one happens to be black so I'm not going to bother as it quite matches the black of the clothes in the painting by my friend, and old flat mate, Auk van Hilten.

This is what I do when I decorate a room, I look at the colours of some of the objects I already have. Ever since I own the painting I have pictured it above the piano so I went for the wallpaper as it had the exact same green in it and so does the pendant.

It makes me happy now that this room is the 100% official dining room as it's such a beautiful room with such an amazing ceiling. Here's a photo of what the room looked like when we bought the house and here's one of when we were renovating the ceiling that was hidden under that awful wood crap.

Oh my it has come a long way.