One Last Thing


As you may have noticed I've deleted all the Roof Fund related content from my site.

Although I feel really happy and loved by so many of my faithful readers who've sent me lots of love and well wishes, it's always the bad crowd that wins. I've seen this before when I was quite big in The Sims scene, earlier this millennium, with 600.000 downloaders a month I made skins and furniture for The Sims. I eventually was bullied away and I'm not allowing that to happen again.

I love being on the internet and although I've been doing it for quite some time, I still have a lot to learn. Like asking for a donation for my roof. I thought this would be a fun lucrative idea. My longtime blog friend saw it as something that could turn out big where I would interview the builders, keep you up to date by posting videos etc. It was meant to be going so much fun. But alas ...

I do feel very limited to what I can say and show without being bullied. Words don't kill  but  do hurt me.

So these will be the last words I will write about it and I will never ask you for something again. I will however continue to host lots of giveaways in the future and look out for those who are so against giving and taking.

With lots and lots of affection and the warmest of sincerity to those who follow me, who understand my wit, who support me and love me without actually knowing me - RESPECT!

Thank you for reading,

xox Yvonne