Kitchen Update


The renovation of my home is still going on and it will so for the next few years as there is still so much left to do. If all goes to plan, and we don't have more employees suing us, the roof will come off this summer.

Bo's busy now reconstructing the boot room what used to be the sun room. The inside is almost done but the outside is still a bit of a monster tackle, but he'll get there.

In the meantime I gave the whole kitchen a brand new coat of paint after the new garden doors were fitted. Those new garden doors are just amazing, we have my lovely mother to thank for them. She gave four sets of garden doors and a boot room window as a gift for our 12 1/2 year wedding anniversary last year. Now those are presents we like as doors don't come cheap. Thanks mum, you are the BEST!!

I also finally decided what to do with the inside of the empty fireplace. I was thinking about a gas burner but it would be really a waste of space (and gas) as there are perfectly working radiators in the kitchen. So I've made shelves, as one never can have enough shelves.


And I took the island out and put the table back in as I missed eating in the kitchen. I really only used the island to dump stuff on and to roll out the odd pastry. I'll have to build myself a small pastry table instead.

All my favourite cook books and Jamie Magazines are in the fireplace. I'm a happy woman now as shelves just make my heart beat a little faster.


I also splurged on new kitchen chairs and bought 4 at my favourite department store in The Netherlands, Dille & kamille, already painted in a very bright white.


I'm thinking of making cushions for the chairs as in  winter our bottoms might get cold. I'm not really a fan of chair cushions as you kind of take the construction of the chair down with them, so I'll wait and see.


Our hens do so extremely well I just had to show off. Next job; a pastry table ...

Enjoy your weekend xox

Please ask away, I'll answer all your questions in the next post.