Food Revolution Day


Today Jamie Oliver declared "Food Revolution Day". Good for him!

Growing up with foodies as parents we were never fed chicken nuggets or other stuff that is mechanically made. My father did take me to McDonalds as a guilty pleasure but I honestly think my mother and my sister (right?) have never really set foot in a McD, ever maybe only to have a wee. My sister is now running a top quality restaurant and my mother is still extremely fussy about healthy, fresh food as (with age) she has become a diabetic.

I still only serve real food. I strive to not eat anything that walkson four legs so it's poultry and fish for us only. There are days when I replace fish or poultry with eggs, seeds or nuts. Just simple, rustic meals without a lot of hoopla.

I try to shop locally and to buy as much of organic food as possible.

So I full heartedly support Jamie Oliver on his quest to eat real food and to feed our children real food.

The other day I was at the supermarket and I spotted two parents pondering over what chicken (imagination) figurine they were going to buy for their children, a dino shaped one or a flower shaped one. I hardly couldn't resist myself to walk over to them, rip the crap they were about to buy and feed their beautiful children out of their  hands and shout at them - but I didn't. I walked on as if nothing ever happened.

Today I poached my homegrown eggs, using these amazing things, roasted fresh green  asparagus, placed them on Scottish smoked salmon and Bo bought a bag of Belgian chips to go with it.

It was a good food day for us, what did you eat?