Blabla Kids


Blabla Kids and I go way back, that's why I'm super exited they are now a sponsor of my blog.

Blabla's collection is designed by Florence Wetterwald and knitted by Peruvian artisans. Everything is made of natural fibers grown in Peru. The dolls are so soft and cuddly and the yarn colours are so beautiful it makes me want to insulate my new roof with blabla dolls.

Blabla Kids also stock clothing, paper goods and  pillows ... Oh those pillows, they are next on my wishlist.


About four years ago I bought a Boogaloo for my niece, Kris, and a year later I bought one for myself, but I gave Yupik up for adoption and now Kris is having them both.

Berry Lee (aka Kiekeboe) is my niece's dearest possession on Earth. You can see, by the amount of stitches, that she is a much traveled, much hugged, much washed and most of all much loved Boogaloo.


Kris and Kiekeboe share their own language and all parts on Kiekeboe end with boe, like earboes, noseboe etc.

Blabla kids were so kind to sent me two other dolls.


Meet Bernice the Bear and Suzette the Fox. They are just too cute and I'm going to keep them all to myself, sorry Kris ;)


Thank you Blabla Kids, we love you!