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Do you find keeping white furniture clean difficult? We have a lot of cream in our home - doors, windows and some furniture and we find that it gets dirty looking really quickly (inside and out). We have no children as an excuse. Do you have any cleaning tips? :)

White furniture gets dirty and there's nothing you can do about that as to clean it and be tidy about it.

There are things we do to keep everything as white as possible. We take our shoes off when we go inside, there are slip covers over all of my sofas and chairs so I can wash them periodically and I hoover and mop all of the floors at least twice a week. It's hard work but that's with having a white home.

Hi Yvonne, I love the curtains in your kitchen. Where are they from? The new shelves look great too.

The curtain fabric is Dotty (in cotton duck) from Cath Kidston. I lined them with just plain white curtain fabric and used the IKEA curtain tape to make pencil pleats.

What a beautiful room! Where did your lovely blue tiles come from?

I love all the rooms and corners of your home. So pretty and elegant. I've been wondering where you got the blue/red tiles in the fireplace. I saw its close-up picture in your flickr account. The design looks so simple, but striking!

I bought the tiles in a friend's shop in 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands. I don't know the name of the manufacture  but the tiles were made in Portugal. I recommend you Google "Portuguese Cement Tiles" and try to find a supplier in your area.

Where is that gorgeous tea towel from? I'd also be really interested if you did a post on re purposing your fireplace...

The tea towel is from Cath Kidston but she doesn't sell it any more. You may find it in her outlet store in Bicester Village UK. You can however get this really cute one instead.

I LOVE Dille & Kamille! We went to Belgium for our honeymoon 14 years ago and each visit since we have spent WAY too much time in there! I was even thinking of asking you some day to do a swap for our favorite D&K long spoons :)

I LOVE SWAPS!!! E-mail me and we can arrange one. Please, anyone, feel free to ask me for swaps any time as I LOVE SWAPS!!!

Hello, This is a really nice looking site. Are you a website designer or did someone make this lovely design for you?

I'm the web designer, illustrator and developer. MovableType is publishing it for me.

Love your deco style, your colour palette... it all looks so fresh! I love your egg's basket? Is that a vintage thing or can it be purchased online? It's just gorgeous!!! x Pati

I bought the egg basket (it's plastic) a few years ago in a shop that sells RICE products. I don't think they  make or sell it any more.

I love everything you do, I have a hand built kitchen painted pale blue and the floor is terracotta tiles, I want a much lighter floor as the room is dark, it's an old cottage. What kind of floors do you have? I would love some ideas...

There is an epoxy floor coating over the concrete floor in my kitchen and it's a disaster as it's matte and the dirt sucks into it. In a few weeks we're going to cover the floor with white Novilon to make the floor warmer and easier to clean. For your kitchen; why don't you paint the pale blue cupboards white? I love white cupboards with terracotta tiles. I love this kitchen and although there's no terracotta on the floor, it quite resembles the colour combination.

Me again, looking through all your decorating posts again I notice you have painted wooden floorboards everywhere. I have just bought some reclaimed Victorian floorboards and will be painting them White. Do you use all White by farrow and ball? Thanks, hope for a reply, I did look through your paint colours post before asking and couldn't see floor colour, sorry to be a pest x

You can read all about that here and here. And yes, I use All White (2005) by Farrow&Ball for my floors but definitely not their paint.

Beautiful beautiful kitchen!! Beautiful beautiful blog!! So many questions are buzzing around in my head, I'll start withfaust one. When you were living in England what brand of paint did you use? What brand would you recommend that is available to buy in England? Thank uuuuuuuuu, your help is much appreciated xxxxxx

I used Farrow&Ball but back then they were oil based and they were brilliant. Their water based switch was quite a disaster to me. I recommend using Sigma Paints with F&B colours, you can buy them in the UK.

And two questions in Dutch, I've translated;

Yes, the Dille & Kamille chairs are quite comfortable but I wouldn't recommend them for an all-night-dinner-feast without cushions ;)

I've hung the plates on to the wall using plate hangers. You can buy them in The Netherlands at Blokker or Marskramer. I've never used cheap (or free) photo editing programs so I can't answer this question. I use professional Adobe programs.