A BBQ for Two


Yesterday evening we had our very first BBQ of the year and to us that's something really exciting as we love a good BBQ.

After a hard day of work (me garden, Bo boot room) we decided that, although it was quite chilly when the sun went down, we could pull a quick BBQ. And believe me, one can have a quick BBQ. Last year I bought a "Smokey Joe ® Gold" from Weber as it's compact and it has a handle so I can carry it around like a handbag.


I only use 250 gram of organic boneless chicken (marinated in 2 tbsp of soy sauce and 2 tbsp of ketjap), peppers, red unions, mushrooms and 3 organic sausages for Bo as he breaks the "no-four-legs-rule" when we have a BBQ. I wrap red potatoes in aluminium foil and roast them on the Smokey Joe and I serve all that with a simple salad, that's all what it takes.


I love eating outside as all table rules don't matter any more.

I find it quite bad behaviour when people leave the table, or get up, in the middle of dinner or when other people haven't finished their dinner yet. I  find it rude when people don't ask to be excused. I have been places where children (almost adults) empty their plates, push their plate to the centre of the table, get up (unannounced), leave the table (while other people are still eating) and don't even have the courtesy to shove their  chair back to to the table. Honestly, so many rules were broken.

When eating outside everyone is excused for their rudeness and for their bad table manners. One can get up and wander when pleased, one can have paint and dirt on their hands, cats, dogs and chicken are allowed to run freely around (not on) the table and so on. It's liberating.

To many more BBQ-s this year.