Homespun Style Book Launch Party


I had the pleasure to attend Selina Lake's Homespun Style Book Launch Party last Friday in London.

Anki and I drove up to Canterbury, were we stayed, last Thursday afternoon. Spent the evening having dinner at Wagamama and strolling through the town. On Friday morning we went by train to London for some shopping (that didn't work out) and after that we went to the party in Hanbury Hall. We got to meet so many lovely people in the flesh. I was so excited to get to say hi to Emma Lamb, as that was most of what we said, sorry Emma it was so brief. I also had a  brief, but lovely, encounter with Jeanette from Fryd + Design.


And, of course as a matter of fact, my two favourite long time blog friends, Charlotte and Cherry showed up. We go way back and we try to meet as often as possible and I'm always amazed we get to hookup at a very short notice and when we meet it's like we've seen each other yesterday. I love them both very dearly.


And this is the reason I never have my photo taken as I ruin photos. I'm a professional photo ruiner.

We all went for chips dips and a Belgian chocolate milk that made my stomach spin with Dutch bloggersEline and Petra who were also at Selina's party.

On Saturday Anki and I did some  Canterbury shopping (that did work out) and had a picnic in the car while Le Shuttle drove us back to France. At 20:30 I was home  and this was the first thing I saw when I took the keys out of the ignition. What a lovely few days, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such creative, smart and integer women.

On your way out don't forget to buy Selina's beautiful book, as all of her books are beautiful, Homespun Style, It's a must have.