De Koffietafel


For most of my life that I lived in The Netherlands I've lived in the province of North Brabant. It's in the southern part of The Netherlands on the border with Belgium (hence I now live in Belgium but still do everything in The Netherlands) and Germany. I was born and raised there and each time I went back to live in The Netherlands I lived in  North Brabant. I am a true "Brabander". I have a southern tongue, I speak with an extremely soft G and R and I speak the dialect of most places in Brabant as I moved around quite a lot. I love Brabant and I love the people and how people deal with each other in Brabant. All of my Dutch friends are from Brabant as we understand each other. I can't explain it but I sure know that most Brabanders who read this  understand this.

All the provinces in The Netherlands have their own traditions and their own food specialties. In Brabant we have the "Brabantse Koffietafel" - Brabantse Coffee Table. It's a very large meal served with bread, coffee, tea, cheese, meat, soup etc. It's like an exploded brunch and it's always served to lots and lots of people at the same time. Traditionally families do this, or go to restaurants who serve koffietafels. I love them, I have fond memories of koffietafels with my own family.

I like to host them  for friends and family and sometimes the crowd is small but the table is still packed, the essence of a proper koffietafel.


Even the egg cosies made an appearance. It was a good Sunday today.