After Easter


Easter this year was really lovely. We started the day with a sun drenched dining room and a very first egg in the chicken house, I felt so proud and still haven't eaten it.

The tulips I planted last year are quite spectacular and I was able to pick a bunch for on the table. People on Instagram asked about the yellow peonies but they are not, those are tulips. I'll have to write a blog post on them soon as I'm quite excited to share the tulip-bed with you guys.

Bo's whole family was complete on Easter day brunch and yesterday we had chicken, chips and board games with my three nieces and nephew.


I only have two days left to clean up house before I leave for London to attend Selina Lake's Book Launch Party. I don't know if I find time to blog, so at the latest you'll hear from me on Sunday or next Monday. I bet I'll have lots of fun stuff to show you and I hope I get to meet some of you on Friday.

Have a happy new week xox