Link with Love


I guess by now the news circulated for those of you who follow me on Twitter that I no longer use Pinterest. The day before yesterday I pulled the plug mainly because I got scared  after reading this article. It's scary right?

I started to use Pinterest as an inspiration pin board and as a guideto help me decorating my home. I also used it as a wish list. I never used it as a platform to curate beautiful images other people take because I don't have content of my own. I also never used it to become popular or to get loads of followers. But all of a sudden I had so and so many followers and was ranked second of all Dutch Pinterest users. Odd for something that initially started out as something I used for myself.

I also started to find lots of photos by my hand that were incorrectly linked back. I even one day was browsing for felt pom poms and stumble upon an Etsy shop that was selling them using a photo I took in my home of my Christmas tree using my own handmade pom pom garland as if she took it as if it was her home, her Christmas tree and her pom pom garland.

It felt so wrong.

Pinterest is so beautiful but it feels so wrong.

Please link with love. If you wish to link something from my site do it directly don't re-link, re-link, re-link, re-link.

Please consider reading this article and do something right today.