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A House for Birds

Yesterday I found the time to sit down and do some crafting after two months of non-stop working on projects that actually pay the bills. I have to say that these projects are far from being boring and that I’m one lucky piggy to have the opportunity to make people pay me because they like my work so much. Bless them and bless you for reading my blog.

It feels time to pay back and make something pretty for you to download. I’ve made some birdhouses for Easter decorations.

First download the template and print out on 250 grams A4 sized paper. Cut out the template and fold where needs folding (instructions can be found on the template). Glue the fabric on to the house and roof (no need for fabric on the back). Glue the house parts together and with a pin, on the inside, attached a twig. Glue the roof on top of the house and you’re done. If you like to you can  put a bird on the twig.

I used various Cath Kidston fabrics for the houses. The plates are also old CK plates, but the blue one is by Burleigh and the top plate is a hand painted Will and Kate wedding plate by The House that Lars Build. The famous green pendant is also from an old CK collection and no longer for sale.

I’m not religious and haven’t been brought up religious, so I’m one of those people who don’t exactly know why we celebrate Easter. I know it’s the end of lent but I also don’t know what lent stands for. I do however like to decorate and I love holidays where everyone is off and we get together and eat. For the same reason I like Christmas. I couldn’t give a care in the world that Jesus was born on Christmas day as other religions say he wasn’t and for all we know he didn’t even exist. But it’s nice as we get to decorate and spend time together, I don’t see nothing wrong in that.

And you know what? There will be more decorations from me to you in the next few weeks.

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