Snow Day


Yesterday Bo and I went to Anki and Casper and we played in the snow, like most people in western Europe did. It always amaze me that people seem to really complain about cold and wet weather as if we live in a tropical sun swept climate the rest of the year. There should be snow in January because it's January.

Alistair Appleton wrote something so funny, and true, about the subject:

"Perhaps it also explains British people's absurd misery over the rain. As if in any other year it didn't rain in England. As if Britain was a tropical island maliciously haunted by a temperate rain God that taunted us. Why are we always surprised and cross that it's raining? It's like being cross because it gets dark at night, or because we only have two hands not eight."

On our way back to Anki and Casper's home we saw something amazing, something Bo and I are going to look at today. I'll get back to this as it's too exciting but probably a little too good to be true. Will tell you all about that an other day.

Enjoy the snow xox