Through the Archway


There's an archway in my kitchen that leads to the hideous sun room that the previous owners build in the seventies. The archway was once a door but I thought an archway would be much cooler as the sun room could become part of the kitchen.

It took us a while but we are finally realizing this plan.


Step one: we've bought some old doors and Bo is turning them into a pantry. I'm going to paint them in the same shade of blue as the toilet door  to add some colour to all the white. I love popping colours.


I love these doors, I even love them as they are now.


Step two: all that window will go and they will be replaced by those doors that lean against the wall. There's also a cute little window there, ready to be fitted next to the pantry. Our carpenter made them so I can open them to the outside, and as the walls will be massive, I'll have this amazing big windowsill where I can grow my herbs. And each room, of course, needs a princess light, it just does - don't know why it's there.

Oh the thought of this boot room to be finished, the little porch that will lead straight into the garden .... oh spring!

But all in good time.