Tala Vegetable Rack


This is the vegetable rack I've bought in Whitstable last weekend.

I couldn't resist consulting Google to find other Tala vegetable racks. I only found one other, in green on eBay, for too much money in a rather poor condition. So I feel lucky that I had this one for just £14 in fire engine red, fire engine red people!!


I actually does store fruit and veg now and hangs just of the left side of the archway in the new part of the kitchen what used to be the sunroom, are you still with me?


Did you see the photo of this wall in yesterdays post, with the bare white walls? It needed a repeat of wallpaper just like I have on the other side of the kitchen (featured here on lovely Will's blog). So when I got home late last night Bo surprised me and wallpapered the wall. Never let a man go who surprises you with something like that, never!


The doors are painted as well. I was going to not paint them, I was going to paint them blue and now they are white and I'm still not convinced if they will stay white. We need to complete the rest of this part of the kitchen. Boy, do I need a good name for this room as "This Part of The Kitchen" doesn't flow so nice does it?