Plus 3 Minus 1


Today was a bad day.

When I woke up in the morning and looked out of the kitchen doors to check on the chicken, Annabelle (one of the chicken) was laying down in the middle of the coop with her head down and her bum up. It looked quite odd so I went outside to check on her, she was having it rough.

Yesterday I was driving and eating liquorice and all of a sudden I had part of my tooth in my liquorice. I phoned my dentist and she could see me today. So I left the chicken at 12:00 hoping Annabelle would be fine by the time I got back.

When my dentist looked at my tooth she was rather in a state of shock and told me she had to get it out completely as there was an infection in my root canal, she could do that next week. I told her to do it straight away - you can better get over and done with these things. So after quite a lot of injections she started to yank and it didn't work, so she yanked some more and more and more, it felt like she was yanking out my entire skull. After 15 minutes the tooth was out and part of my skull with it. Now I have to walk around with a tooth out for 6 whole weeks and look like a pirate, aye ...

When I drove back home, my mouth stiff and blood dripping, I got home to find Annabelle dead, stone dead. With the stiff blood dripping mouth I had to get Annabelle out of the coop and the coop cleaned so that her two sisters could remain happy.

I do feel better now and my mouth and tooth are not aching so I'll be fine, the chicken will be fine.

It's such a shame she died just 3 days after we've revamped their coop because the chicken will be photo models next week.


Even Boo did a coop quality inspection while the ladies were on the move.

There was nothing wrong they all looked beautiful, big, fluffy, good colour and sheen.

RIP Annabelle we sort of loved you.