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Paint Guide Part 1

As by public demand the first chapter of my paint guide.

Bare in mind that what you are about to read is how I like to work, I can’t claim it’s the best way to do it. I’m convinced you should always ask information and guidance at your local paint/D.I.Y. shop. I write this post as I’m often asked what my routine is and as I like to share that with you I’ll dedicate this post to the subject. I hope it will satisfy your needs ;o)

I know that the following contents applies for Europe but I’m not sure if it will work elsewhere. WILL YOU  PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

The image below shows a chart of the tools I use. Each tool is numbered so if I write; “use 1 and 8”, it will refer to this chart.

If I use acrylic paint (water based) I use felt paint rollers if I use turpentine paint (oil based) I use foam paint rollers.

For surface cleaning I use hot water with a drop of ammonium.

I use disposable paint brushes as I can’t be bothered to clean them (the only really bad thing I do for the environment beside being human)

Water Based vs Oil Based

I have a really simple rule for that: use water based paint for everything that you don’t walk on and use oil based paint for everything you do walk on. Water based paint is perfect for furniture, woodwork etc as it dries super fast. It’s also much better to use indoors as it doesn’t  smell and it’s not so toxic. Oil based paint is much more durable and hard wearing. Experts say that it should be used to paint outdoors but I don’t agree. If you get a good water based paint it will last outdoors.

So water based paint wins.


Don’t go for cheap – DO NOT EVER! Cheap paint will take many, many coats and will be in the long run very expensive. Settle with a quality paint brand and good tools as it will make your life easier. I only use paint from SIGMA COATINGS – not worldwide available and Farrow & Ball. I’ll get it mixed in any colour I fancy.

The Magic of Colour Numbers

If you go to your local D.I.Y. shop, where they have a paint mixing station, they can mix any colour  you desire using any brand of paint you desire. For example; if I want to use SIGMA paint but I want a Farrow & Ball colour, it’s possible as all colours carry a colour number. For example; Farrow & Ball All White 2005 carries universal number: FB approx 2005. If my paint guy exactly types this in his mixing station computer he’ll get All White by Farrow & Ball and can mix it with anything, even wall paint. DO NOTE: colours may wary as the SIGMA pigments are not the same as Farrow & Ball pigments.

So you need to know colour numbers and you need to know brands.

RAL Numbers

There’s another way to get the right colour and that’s using RAL numbers. RAL numbers are brand-less set colours. RAL number 9010 is the most used RAL number for white, I use it a lot. The same counts for RAL numbers, you can take them to your mixing guy and tell him you want RAL number …. mixed in your desired paint.

Brandless Mysterious Numbers

Take them to your mixing guy and let him find it, he will, he’ll only needs a bit of encouraging.

Trust me, every colour is mixable as long as you have a colour number.

Stages of Painting

There are 4 stages (phases) in painting:

1. sanding

2. priming

3. sanding

4. painting

This is my pantry/broom closet in 4 stages.

Sometimes you need two or even three coats of paint and you’ll have to repeat the sanding/painting stages for as long as it will do the trick. In the end I painted my closet two times.

Paint Technique

I apply the paint with a paint brush (5/6) on to the object that needs painting and roll the paint out with a paint roller (7/8). I never dip the paint roller in a bucket of paint I just use it to even the paint out.

When I paint floors I do the same thing only I put the paint roller on a broomstick (1) and even the paint out like I’m mopping the floor.

Next post will be about the numbers I use in my home, hopefully online tomorrow. Please ask me anything so I can answer your questions in my second paint guide.


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  • Charlotte
    01/06/2013 at 21:33

    Good. I want to paint the floors in our new place white or dark grey. Not sure how well a white floor would fare in our house. Maybe upstairs.

  • Angela
    05/06/2013 at 02:43

    Love your beautiful home. I really like your painted floors, they look lovely . I want to do the same in my home. So oil base it is, but what brand did you use?. I’m a little worried about it standing up to our dog, how we’ll does it wear?

  • Rahel Menig
    28/11/2014 at 20:09

    Hey there! Awesome tips, thanks so much! Do you ever apply a topcoat on furniture or floors? I’ve painted our dining table white and I’m not quite sure if it needs extra protection. The paint is a latex in satin. Thanks for your help! xoxo, Rahel