Johnny Flynn


It's not all flowery white with pink rooms and daisies all day in my life. I do have other hobbies and interest. I've read all Alain de Botton's books with great interest, I watch a massive amount of films (hence my late nights), I like art, architecture and I'm a big lover of folk music.

My  favourite artists are Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn and Karine Polwart, Karine actually so much that I now master the Scottish language fluently.

I also like to spend time at concerts and plays. Last summer I booked tickets to see Johnny Flynn play in November 2011 but the date got pushed to January 2012. So there I sat front row in St Mary's Church in Ashford Kent a week ago Saturday listing to Johnny Flynn.

He  just stood there on his own with his guitar being absolutely amazing. I'm so glad that I've experienced this very intimate concert with him. The acoustics were amazing especially when he had us all sing along to Tickle me Pink, it was just so special.

Thank you Johnny.

Remember the good old days when we bloggers had music swaps? Is anyone out there up for one of those again? I'd love to arrange a swap.

Night, night see you in the morning x