Crochet Dishcloths


At long last I have a new crochet project for you.

You can find all the old ones here at the same place where you can  buy the yarn I use for all of my crochet projects.

Use Annell Cotton 8 with a 3.5 mm needle to make it extra tight.

Start: ch 40 + 3 for the first dc.

Start row one with double crochets working into the chain.

Work single crochets in row two, repeat this until you have a total of 29 rows  (so 15 dc rows and 14 sc rows), cast off with a sl st.

hdc all the way round in a different colour, cast of with a sl st

That's all!

I used colours 32 and 79. You can machine wash the dishcloths on low and high heat as the yarn is 100% cotton

Stitches I used (and in Dutch):

ch=chain (NL lossen of ketting)

dc=double crochet (NL stokje)

sc=single crochet (NL halve vaste)

sl st=slip stitch (NL vasten)

hdc=half double crochet (NL half stokje)