Circus Curtains


Ever since Cath Kidston launched the circus print I've been in love with it. I love the mixture of vivid bright colours on a white background and I love the characters. Deep inside I think I just love the circus in general how wrong it may be. The print came together with a beautiful ray of other prints like  Shooting Star, Dotty and Chintz. All of these prints I use in my home and, to my opinion, after that line it didn't get so good any more.

I loved the Cath Kidston in 2004. I loved the cleanness of it, it wasn't frilly, it was fabric for women who like flowers but aren't that girly altogether. Ah well, all good things must come to an end right? And maybe Cath's designers will read this and go back to the old design scheme - if only.

With my love for the circus print I never thought I could pull it off to use it in a no-child related room. But as 2012 stands for 'I don't give a rats ass' I made some curtains for my study using the cotton duck fabric and I love it.


I even made it more circus by adding some bright pink fringe trim all along the top.


And there it is in all it's glory, at long last I have circus curtains and I'm proud of it. Obliviously Bo walked in the other day and said: "they look good but shouldn't they be in a child's bedroom?". Men ...

They bright up the room and they bright up my life.

While I was at it, I took some pictures of the rest of the study for you to enjoy.


Is the kid inside of you still screaming?