A Lovely Day in Whitstable


We were in the UK the past few days.

I had tickets to see Johnny Flynn perform in Ashford last November but as Johnny was in a play the concert got rescheduled to the 21st. Quite good as I also had tickets for the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit in The National Gallery in London on the 22nd. So we combined the two and it turned out to be a great weekend.

We had a good old day to explore Whitstable for the very first time and we loved it. There's such a crafty scene going on there with many arts & crafts shops on Oxford Street and High Street but also lots of brocante all along Oxford Street.


We visited the 'Seaside Brocante Fair' in St Mary's Hall. It's on every Saturday and vendors sell pretty brocante. It's not that big, as I hoped it would be, but lovely nonetheless. I bought a brilliant vegetable rack and an enamel bucket.

Park on Shaftesbury Road and walk through a small alley straight to St Mary's and Oxford street.


I'm going to tell you more about that wall and the vegetable rack tomorrow as it will transform overnight.

I've fallen in love with Whitstable with her beautiful concept shops like Frank, the seaside huts, Whitstable Castle where I had a lovely spot of hot chocolate and all the beautiful brocante shops on every corner. I can highly recommend to drive there in a car with a big boot.