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  • Craft & DIY Holidays

    DIY Wallpaper Crackers

    When I was at Liberty London a few weeks ago I saw these crackers and fell instantly in love. Although I can spend my money on crazy stuff, I thought £45 for a box…

  • Craft & DIY Holidays

    Have a Gocco Christmas

    I had all sorts of wild plans to handwrite and stamp this years Christmas cards but I failed miserably so I had to come up with something different. That’s when I thought about my…

  • Holidays Home & Garden

    The First Signs of Christmas

    Tomorrow will be my 38th birthday and as I found out that Bo didn’t plan any work we’ve decided to drive up to England to do some Christmas shopping. Now what’s a better Birthday…

  • Home & Garden

    Living Room Under Construction

    And now that the boot room is all happy and white we’re cracking on to the largest room on the ground floor and that’s the living room. This is the bare living room today.…

  • Lifestyle

    The Yvestown Fair 2012

    What a day, the sky was so clear one could see the moon, the sun was shining bright, the people were good spirited and we had a LOT of wonderful people attending the very…

  • Craft & DIY

    The Yvestown Fair Apron

    One of the advantages of being married to a  man who doesn’t care much about “being a man” is that I get to dress him up so now and then. I really like him…

  • Craft & DIY

    How To Make Bunting

    Those in central Europe did you survive the weekend heath? I’ve been soaked in my own sweat for the entire two days and hated it. So I went downstairs, where my studio is and…

  • Craft & DIY

    Hot Water Bottle Cosy

    I have made this quite simple hot water bottle cosy pattern. It’s not really hot water bottle weather but it seems I always like to do winter projects in summer, one can only be…

  • Craft & DIY

    The Stripy Cowl

    “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens It was…